There was never a hill too steep or a road we couldn’t drive
I thought that it would last forever ‘cause it felt so real to me

But it was all a mirage, I know
Though it quenched my thirst like it was cool, clear water
And though I know that you were never really there
Alice, I’m missing you

I still remember the life we shared and the life we were gonna live
You and me and a house full of monkeys in a cabin up in the hills
We were gonna make the whole world jealous wishing for what we had
But now I know that we never had nothing; it was all just in my head

Yeah, it was nothing but a dream, I know
But if I had a choice, I would’ve kept on sleeping
‘Cause death is better than living without you
Alice, I love you so

Yeah, it was nothing but a Goddamn lie
And I hope you suffer for what you’ve done to me
‘Cause I can finally see the truth today
But, Alice, I miss the lie
Yeah, Alice, I loved that lie
Alice, I love the lie…

"Song for You Know Who"

You traded our dreams for him and drugs and alcohol
Then like I told you
One day, he up and left you
With no more dreams – just the drugs and alcohol
Now you roam the streets so wasted
Look at what you wasted 

I sometimes think about the way you used to be
Living for Jesus
Living for your babies
In my heart, I know that I’m the one to blame
For luring you away
And to my bedroom

Though I know you’re not my problem anymore
I worry about you
And the life you’re living
And how you make your rounds to all the men you know
You do them favors
They give you candy

In my heart, I know we’ll never meet again
One day, they’ll call me
That’s a call I’m dreading
When that day comes, I promise I’ll bring you a rose
Just like I brought you
When we were still in love

And I’ll cry
Not for you
But for the girl I knew
I won’t say her name
I don’t have to
You know who

"Nothing to Say"

I only think about you a couple of times each day
That’s when it’s daylight and when it’s dark
And there’s a couple other things that, honey, I should say
But I don’t know where to start
I only think about you a couple of times each week
That’s when it’s sunny and when it rains
And there’s a couple other things that I should probably speak
But they’re too hard to explain

Well, I could write you an aria and sing it to you
But I don’t know how to play
Or I could write you a letter and mail it to you
But I’ve got nothing to say

I only think about you a couple of times each year
That’s when it’s warm outside and when it’s cold
And there’s a couple other things that, honey, you should hear
That you will never be told

(Repeat Chorus)

I’ll only think about you a couple of times, you see
That’s when I’m living and when I’m dead
And there’s a couple other things they’ll probably bury with me
That never escaped from my head

(Repeat Chorus)


Did I come here from the future?
Did I come here from the past?
I just don’t know
I still don’t know
But I know where I come from she’s as sweet as candy
Where I come from he thinks I’m a dandelion
And I think he’s a Democrat

Every time she looks at me
I see the soul I knew not so long ago
But I don’t think she knows
I was lost when she found me
But I knew the day we met that she was 33
She’s still 33

Sometimes when I drive my car
I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and go back there again
Or maybe someplace else
(And that’s bad)
Because I miss home every now and then
And I’d like to explore the space and time continuum
But I’m acclimated here

So now every time I need a fixx
Every time I hear the police again
I hold my breath again
And I fall down on my knees and pray to God
‘Cause my faith is strong, but I don’t want to leap again
Don’t let me leap again

‘Cause she’s still 33
She’s still 33
And she’ll always be...

Jamon Scott

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Dead to Me




Alice Bell

Song for You Know Who

Nothing to Say


Produced by Jamon Scott & Dave Flint

Jamon Scott:  lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards,

drum programming
Dave Flint:  lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass,
percussion, backing vocals
Theresa Kibby:  additional backing vocals on “Drive”
Donna Spangler:  additional backing vocals on “Paranoid”,

“Alice Bell” & “Nothing to Say”
All songs written by J. Scott © 2015 South Park Road Music (ASCAP)

except “Paranoid” written by Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dave Flint in Nashville
Photography by Paz Poe
Jamon Scott drinks Ale 8 One soft drink


"Dead to Me"

Welcome to the first day
Of the rest of your life
Everyday a better day
Than the best of your life

You cut right through my skin
And to the bone
Left me all alone 

But I'm alive and well
And I live in hell
And the devil may care
But you don't
You just go your way
And you live your day
Like you never even knew
What you did to me
You're dead to me

Welcome to the second day
Of the rest of your life
Living every single day
Like it's the last of your life

Your eyes go through me like a razor blade

See the scar they made 

(Repeat Chorus)

I die a little bit every time I see
You look at me

(Repeat Chorus)

Welcome to the first day
Of the rest of your life


Listen to the voices in my mouth
You took the words right out of my head
You could have been the life of me
But you’re the reason I am dead

And now you’re out there somewhere
Under the zodiac
I know you’re on the rebound
I know you’re off Prozac
Did you know my favorite color is black?

Listen to the beating of my brain
With every thought that’s in my heart

You were with me at the end
But you weren’t with me ‘til the start

And I know you’re out there somewhere
Planning your next attack
Your weapons are cerebral
My wounds are cardiac
And you know my favorite color is black

And I know you’re out there somewhere
And I know you’re under attack
Their weapons are cerebral
Your wounds are cardiac
And I know your favorite color is black


When love was all we had
We had it up to here
Now here we are alone again
With words that we can’t find
We’ll find them in due time
It’s time we cut our losses

Na, na, na…

When dreams were in our heads
Our heads were in the stars
The stars are not so lucky now
We give just like we take
So, take it like a man
And man your battlestation

Take the wheel and drive
Drive me far away
Away from you and I

If time was on our side
Would suicide seem right?
And who would write our eulogy?
For two against the world
The world will end tonight
Tonight will last forever 

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Na, na, na…

When love was all we had
We had it up to here
Now here we are alone again


Finished with my woman

'Cause she couldn't help me with my mind
People think I'm insane

Because I am frowning all the time

All day long I think of things

But nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind

If I don't find something to pacify

Can you help me occupy my brain?
Oh yeah

I need someone to show me

The things in life that I can't find
I can't see the things that make true happiness

I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh

You will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel

And love to me is so unreal

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

And so as you hear these words

Telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life

I wish I could but it's too late

Yeah, I wish I could but it's too late
Yeah, I wish I could but it's too late

"Alice Bell"

I still remember the first time I looked in your eyes
They made a promise I still remember and I’m taking it to my grave
If I could go back there somehow knowing what I know now
I know that I would keep on walking like I should be walking now 

‘Cause it was all just a lie, I know
And I fell for it, honey; hook, line and sinker
I hope it all comes back to you
And, Alice, I hope you cry

I still remember the things we did and the way that it used to be
You and me and this guitar taking on the world